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Data Analytics to improve transport systems

Data analytics certainly is the future of everything because it permits to identify new opportunities which leads to make good decisions, to get happier costumers, to be more efficient and, therefore, to get higher profits. Because of this, it is used in all business sectors even transportation. Data analytics in transportation improves the end-to end customer experience while optimizing costs. Technological tools in transportation pick up data, from web applications, on-board sensors like passenger counting systems, vehicle location systems, ticketing, among others, then these are transformed into insights and used to define strategic plans, to predict maintenance needs and improve asset lifetime value. Also analytics can help to optimize return on marketing spend. Although using data analytics is a trend around the world, there are many transportation systems of different countries that are not using the data yet. Investing in infrastructure and technology is necessary, however analysing the available data is essential to select the best alternative of investment.

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